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Soothing Massage

Our soothing massage uses long, calming, lengthing strokes. This technique helps soothe the body and calm the mind. We also incorporate your choice of essentials oils (only with your approval) to enhance this relaxing experience.If you just need to relax a soothing massage is the way to go!

Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue massage uses slow intuitive Strokes to alleviate adhesion and deep muscle tension. A truly therapeutic massage and deeply relaxing. We also incorporate your choice of essential oils( only with your approval) to enhance this therapeutic experience! Do you have some knots you need worked out? Deep Tissue Massage is the way to go!

Prenatal Massage

This massage is tailored for expecting mothers. This massage will be performed with our mother to be lying on her side with pillows for extra bolstering support! This massage targets the shoulders and back. If you're an expecting mother prenatal massage is the way to go!

Grief Massage

This massage is usually performed on family or friends who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one. This massage helps with the healing process. It is slow and soothing.

Spa Party

Would you like to treat your friends or family to a day of relaxation! A Spa Party is one of the best ways to celebrate! We can keep it simple only offering massage therapy. Or we can include a whole day of beauty that includes Facials , Reflexology, & Massage Therapy. We can accommodate groups as small as 4 people or as large as 20 people. These events take at least a day to plan and there must be sufficient space on your property to accommodate our tables , if more then one are needed.

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